Greetings fledgling readers!

Due to some unforeseen life chaos, our official public launch has been delayed by quite a bit. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been writing and editing though! It’s been so much fun getting feedback from our beta readers and we’ve been putting their commentary to good use in our editing. This morning we finally released two new chapters for our betas! We’re almost done with the White Night Chapter 04 re-write so you can expect that chapter in the near future. And Tales. We have so many damned Tales. This doesn’t even count the completely useless bonus content we play around with when we’re not writing. (Do you want to know what Knucker wears to bed? We ALL do.)

In the meantime, what we would love are your comments. Have you found us from one of our communities? Heard us or someone else talking about the story? Just kind of stumbled across the site at random and are now curious? Tell us about it! Who are your favorite characters so far and what are you looking forward to reading more about? Feel free to comment on chapters after you read them too, or discuss things with other readers.

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