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  • Setting Fire 04: Buck

    Setting Fire 04: Buck

    “She lives in the freaking White House!” exclaimed Lexi as the beat-up old pickup truck rounded the final curve of the Berkshire Estate’s obnoxiously long driveway. Her dad parked under a columned awning where, Lexi assumed, a valet was supposed to jump up and whisk vehicles out of sight. “It’s not the White House,” he […]

  • 2013: Sleepover

    2013: Sleepover

    Margrit hosts a sleepover.

  • White Night 03: Don’t Trust Leo

    White Night 03: Don’t Trust Leo

    A bunch of nerds bogarted Angela’s favorite picnic table. On any other day, such an imposition on the special spot that she shared with her bestie would have earned those kids a major ass-kicking with her fancy heels…

  • Berkshire

    The Berkshire Family

  • White Night 02: Lock Up Your Daughters

    White Night 02: Lock Up Your Daughters

    If there was one word that perfectly described the Silent Pines Public Library, the word was antiquated. Which was a little funny considering that the downtown brick monolith wasn’t even the original location. The previous library building still stood in suburban Old Silent Pines, but it had been “under construction” for as long as Julian could remember…

  • White Night 01: His Name Is Michael

    White Night 01: His Name Is Michael

    All around her, bodies moved in the near-dark. There were too many people packed into one small space. Her feet vibrated on the floor from the booming bass of slow, distorted music…

  • Setting Fire 02: Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

    Setting Fire 02: Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

    Knucker was pretty sure he knew what Hell must feel like. Okay, maybe he was being a little bit dramatic. (Fine, a lot dramatic.) But after the night he’d had, he kinda sorta thought that he had a right to be, especially in the harsh light of morning when the reality of the situation had sunken in and he and Lexi arrived for their first day of school in the Sheriff’s squad car…

  • Setting Fire 01: Once Bitten

    Setting Fire 01: Once Bitten

    Lexi peeked around the corner. At the end of the hall, she could make out the outline of a closed bedroom door and hear the faint sound of her dad’s snoring from the other side…

  • Blood Moon 009: High School Problems (Original Draft)

    Blood Moon 009: High School Problems (Original Draft)

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  • 2012: Margrit’s Sweet Sixteen

    2012: Margrit’s Sweet Sixteen

    Julian scares the hell out of her friends by being a drunk creepy weirdo.