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Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Butts. Oh my.
The town of Silent Pines, Pennsylvania is the setting for a series of supernatural horror/romance stories. The concept can be described quite easily as “Twilight meets Silent Hill”.

We’ve been collaborating on this serial story since 2013—at first just for our own amusement, but now we have a vision. Our dream is to sit and do nothing but write every day for Silent Pines. We hope that with the first few chapters, readers fall in love with this world as much as we have and decide that this series is worth a subscription. With regular chapters, bonus tales, character profiles, world lore, and all kinds of fun goodies, there is always something new. You can choose how much this story is worth to you, be it the cost of a candy bar once a month or the frightening “Oh crap, do we have to write fanservice now?” subscription that we probably shouldn’t have addedsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.cc.

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There are three main branches of storyline in the Silent Pines universe. Follow Lexi, Julian, or Bianca as they encounter their own brand of supernatural wonder and horror in Silent Pines.
Best friends Lexi Ryan and Knucker Polk become involved in local pack politics when Lexi is bitten by a werewolf.
A year after her parents disappear, Julian Hollinger discovers a whole supernatural world of secrets when two vampires enter her life.
Something frightening lies within the new girl, Bianca Hart. It may take an entire coven of witches to save them all.

Setting Fire 04: Buck

A rough draft is a chapter that has received editing in the form of fleshing out characters and scenes. Point of view will flip back and forth frequently and scene flow might still be a little awkward. There may be fewer typos but grammar has still not yet...