Original Draft

Raw, unedited content. In an original draft you are going to see loads of typos, weirdly phrased sentences, and some hilarious word choices. Point of view will flip back and forth frequently and scenes will often flow a little awkwardly. But that’s not important yet! Ignore grammar issues (unless you’re having a hard time trying to understand what something meant.) and focus on the characters and story itself. We need to know if characters are being expressed the way we need them to, and if you are getting the right things from the plot.

When reviewing the chapter and giving commentary, focus on the following:

  • What is your opinion of each character in each scene. What impression did you get of their personality or motivations during the scene? What do you think of their interactions with other characters?
  • Did you understand what was happening in the scene? Was the action, description, and dialogue clear enough to let you know what was going on?
  • Was there enough description where you could clearly picture the scene? Did something need MORE details? Less details?
  • What did you think about each scene and what impressions did it give you about the plot? Did you learn something? Did you have questions?
  • How did you feel reading this chapter as a whole or during certain scenes? What emotions popped up for you?
  • Was there anything you didn’t like about the characters or scenes? Was there something you absolutely loved and don’t want changed?

Rough Draft

Edited but rough content. In a rough draft, there will be fewer typos and weird sentences, but the chapters have not yet been edited to narrow the point of view, or to smooth out the scene flow. The edits introduced are adding/removing details, fleshing out characters/scenes better, and fixing continuity issues. While reviewing this chapter, continue to ignore grammar mistakes. All focus should still remain on character development and plot progression.

When reviewing the chapter and giving commentary, focus on the following:

  • Everything mentioned in the Original Draft guide still applies.
  • In this edited chapter, did the changes IMPROVE from any comments or concerns that you had about the original? Did anything get worse?
  • Are you getting a better look at the characters or the scene?

Polished Draft

Heavily edited content. In a polished draft we have applied the comments and advice from our beta readers to fix issues with the story as well plot continuity. There should be no typos or grammar errors. Point of view is focused and scenes should be flowing smoothly. Now is a good time to point out any grammar errors that were missed. At this point we need readers to compare this polished draft with past drafts and let us know if we successfully conveyed what we wanted and provided a good read.

When reviewing the chapter and giving commentary, focus on the following:

  • Everything mentioned in the Original & Rough Draft guides still applies.
  • Please point out any typos, misspellings, grammar errors, or confusing sentences that you find. This is where we need the extra eyes on editing.
  • Has this draft pulled everything together smoothly? Does it flow well as you read it, especially as you continue to read. Do the chapters connect and flow well together?
  • Is there anything you think was better in the original/rough draft versions compared to this one? Is this one better, and how so?

Thank you for helping us create an amazing story!