Who is the target audience for these stories?

We like to say that Silent Pines is “fiction for adults who love Young Adult fiction”. If you enjoy stories about teenage drama, asshole witches, snarky vampires, and shirtless werewolves—and aren’t afraid of terrifying spooky things or occasional sex scenes setting off your workplace censors—this is the story for you!

Do I have to register in order to read?

The first 5 chapters of Wolves: Setting Fire and Vampires: White Night are free for everyone to read at their leisure! This also includes all related Tales, Lore, and additional content related to those chapters. After that point you need an account subscription to access further content. (And there is a LOT of it.)

You got me hooked and now I have to pay?! What gives!

Anyone that has ever wanted to be able to pay their bills doing something they love knows the answer to this. We found ourselves presented with an opportunity to chase a dream and this was a great way for us to do it! Our packages are designed with faith in our work and our readers. You get to choose how much our story is worth to you: whether you want to chuck a candy bar at us, read all the things, and never see us again—or drop a little more cash on something you love and help support our career in the process.

Why did you decide to self-publish on a website instead of going with a book publisher?

Readers. Fans! When people started reading our work (the rough mess that it was) and actually enjoyed it, gave us feedback, and started talking about the story… we were hooked. Interacting with our readers has been both exciting and motivating.

Are you ever going to release an ebook or physical copy of the books?

Absolutely! Once we have the final versions of the books, this is something we intend to do. We’ll be researching different options to see what is best for us and for our readers.

I am unable to use Paypal for a subscription. Is there another way that I can send in a payment?

Right now, no. We WILL have different options in the future, though, as the site grows and we’re actually able to afford options. If you’re presently desperate for more chapters, send us an email with the contact form and we’ll see about working something out with you.

Can I share my subscription with my bestie/kid/mate/cat/potato?

We are all about sharing and getting new fans. If you want to charm someone into reading along with you, go for it! Just don’t forget we need to buy groceries so we can keep writing. So don’t share it with a dozen people, give out your account and password on the internet, or do anything crazy. Think of our hungry kitties.