2012: Margrit’s Sweet Sixteen

2012: Margrit’s Sweet Sixteen

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Read after Black Sun 007.

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Point of View: Narrator
Featured Characters: Margrit Berkshire, Angela Mercy, Julian Hollinger, Paolo Martinez
Word Count: 846

Julian scares the hell out of her friends by being a drunk creepy weirdo.

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“Ahaha! Gods, that was awesome. I want to do this for my birthday.” Angela giggled, kind of staggering down the sidewalk. They had just left the abandoned building that Margrit “acquired” for her Sweet Sixteen thanks to talking Julian in to a little low level crime. Complete with hot high school seniors and copious amounts of underaged teen drinking. Angela wasn’t sure how Julian knew about the building and managed to get the keys for it, but she had to admit it was pretty damn cool. Plus, introducing Julian to her first bottle of booze was totally worth spending the night listening to Margrit’s bullshit.

“Why do you ALWAYS have to copy me? Get your own party ideas.” Complained Margrit, shoving Angela as hard as she could manage. She was even drunker than Angela so she ended up stumbling just as bad. Angela crashed in to Paolo who was happy to catch her and cop a feel in the the process.

The blond howled, flailing her arms to untangle herself. “JULIAN! Paolo’s being a douche again!”

Paolo laughed. “You LANDED there. I can’t help what falls in my hands.” This was EXACTLY why he agreed to walk them all home. Sure, he cared enough to see them not get kidnapped by some creepy asshole or ran over or something. …but he also wasn’t going to pass up any free boob action either.

The birthday girl stopped walking suddenly and glanced around. “Where IS Julian?”

Angela blinked owlishly, looking around the street until she found her. “Oh, she’s still back there.”

The three of them backtracked to where Julian was standing a few paces away from the building, where she was glancing upwards at the roof. She frowned and chewed in to the side of her cheek. “There’s a guy up there. I think he’s going to jump.”

“Good lord, she’s still REALLY drunk.” commented Margrit with a raise of an eyebrow.

Angela scoffed. “Your fault. You shouldn’t have kept feeding her shots.”

“YOU thought it was hilarious!”

“It WAS when she was dancing and stealing people’s shit! We let her drink too much.”

“Uh, chicas, she’s climbin’ up the side of the building.” Paolo interrupted, pointing upwards.

Julian managed to scale pretty high up during their arguing just by climbing up the drain pipe and stepping out on to a ledge. She was already inching along the side for the next best place to continue.

“JULIAN!” shouted Angela, “What are you doing!!”

“He’s going to JUMP. I need to get him down!”

“Sweetie, there’s nobody THERE. You’re going to break your neck!” Margrit warned.

“YES there IS.” Argued Julian, who continued to completely ignore their pleading. She used the sill of a window to get herself a little higher, stretching out her hand to try and reach a flag pole. When she wasn’t quite close enough she jumped for it. Both the girls down below shrieked, but Julian was fine. Clinging upside down with both hands on the pole and both legs wrapped around it.

“Oh god, Paolo CATCH her!” Margrit shoved Paolo closer to the building. To his credit, he held his arms out and waited for the inevitable.

Angela had both her hands on her head. “He won’t be able to break the fall, it’ll just break his neck too.”

Julian didn’t fall, though. After getting herself in a sitting position on the pole, she very carefully used the wall to balance herself and stand. From there the brick in the side of the building was riddled with little spots to stick her hands and toes. Somehow she managed to find all of them.

Including the one that slipped out from under her foot and went cascading to the sidewalk below.

“I’m okay!” hollered Julian as she gripped on to the ledge of the roof and hauled herself up to sit on the ledge.

“Oh jesus, this girl. She is SO drunk!” Margrit breathed, fanning herself with her hands. She looked ready to pass out.

For the next few minutes they just stood there, watching as Julian had a whispered conversation with absolutely no one. Because she was sitting right there on the edge, they didn’t dare to move. When she stood up suddenly, grabbing for thin air, all three of them were sure that was it. Finally the girl sighed and bent over to call down at them.

“He’s okay now! He’s gone ho-OOOH!” The stone on the ledge shifted and Julian flailed her arms. There was another scream from the girls below and Paolo got ready to catch her, even in spite of Angela’s prediction. At the very last moment Julian went tumbling backwards on to the roof with a loud thump. “STILL OKAY. I THINK- I THINK I’M GOING TO HURL NOW!”

Angela rubbed her hands down her face, then cast Paolo a wide eyed look. “So… uh… you ever break in to a building before?”

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