2013: Sleepover (Original Draft)

2013: Sleepover (Original Draft)

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Read after Black Sun 012.

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Point of View: Narrator
Featured Characters: Margrit Berkshire, Angela Mercy, Julian Hollinger, Silvia Whelan, Bella Wilburn
Word Count: 904

A bunch of high school girls being dumb high school girls.

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The weather was overcast and chilly unusually early. With the school year having just started, they weren’t supposed to see nights like this for another few weeks.

And that was why instead of camping out in the woods behind the Berkshire Estate like she planned, five girls and their sleeping bags were crammed in to Margrit’s bedroom. Crammed might not have been the right word for it, since Margrit’s bedroom suite was bigger than some people’s apartments. There was plenty enough room for Julian Hollinger to be standing near the window and practicing twirling her baton without coming anywhere close to hitting someone. But with the way the red-head was complaining, you’d think she lived in a broom closet. Angela Mercy was standing next to a huge widescreen TV placing a DVD back in to it’s case. Silvia Whelan sat in between her and Margrit on the floor with a fluffy cushion. Margrit was pacing the floor. And Bella Wilburn was laying on the bed, kicking her feet back and forth as she flipped through a magazine.

“Ugh, I can’t believe the whole yard is covered in mud. How are we supposed to do satanic rituals without a fire pit?” Margrit huffed, picking up a pillow from a chair before she plopped in to it.

Angela rolled her eyes. “Did you completely miss the entire point of the movie?”

“Magic to make yourself beautiful, powerful, and loved? I am failing to see the downside here.” Margrit scoffed in response.

“I forgot. You LIKE being a crazy bitch.” the blond taunted back, sticking out her tongue to send the point home. Margrit huffed again, sending her pillow flying across the room and catching Angela in the face.

“Just because YOU have a dark Adonis for a boyfriend right now doesn’t mean you can act like an uppity whore.” complained Margrit.

Silvia, tilted her head to the side and wrinkled up her nose. That boyfriend Margrit was talking about was her older brother Caleb… and she wasn’t sure if that was an insult or a compliment. “What’s an adonis?”

“It’s an allusion to a Greek god’s supreme hotness, but it’s so out dated I doubt anyone born in the past century aside from 80 year old romance novelists ever actually USE it.” explained Angela. “What’s the matter, Margreeeeet? Not having any luck charming boys with all those snakes in your hair?”

The insult had the desired effect, as Margrit was very slowly rising from her chair and balling up her fists. “For your information, I have my eyes on Owen DeWhitt and I KNOW he’s in to me.”

There was a THOCKCLATTER! from across the room where Julian had smacked herself in the face with her baton and dropped it. There was an awkward expression across her features as she bent down to snatch it back up. Neither Margrit or Angela noticed, though. They were now launching in to a full scale insult match. Silvia glancing back and forth between them with excited interest.

Bella moved from her spot on the bed to sit down on the cushioned window seat. Julian sat down beside her, balancing her baton on her knees. “Aren’t you with Owen?” Bella leaned to whisper.

Julian shook her head with a wry and slightly embarrassed grimace. “We kinda dropped it before school started. I don’t think either of us really had any, aahm… fire. I guess? We don’t really want anyone to know we had a thing, though.” she gave Bella a pleading look.

Bella laughed, bumping her shoulder against Julian’s. “Hey, you kept my college guy secret, I can keep yours. It’s gonna be a shame not seeing everyone everyday.”

It must have seemed like a strange thing to say when Margrit was leaping at Angela and tackling the girl to the floor. Silvia had just barely managed to roll and dodge out of the way of being dogpiled. “Julian! They’re doing it again!” squealed Silvia over the screaming of Angela who was now pinned to the floor under Margrit and flailing desperately to get loose before a dirty gym sock got shoved in to her mouth.

“Arggh! We’re getting too old for this!” Julian shouted, hopping up from her seat to throw her arms around Margrit and drag her off the hissing blond. “Stoppit! You’re only going to have each other when I’m DEAD so you’ve got to stop trying to kill each other!”

Both Margrit and Angela mumbled she started it, but Margrit stopped struggling and moved away to straighten her curls. Angela sat up looking disgruntled but she didn’t throw out any more snippy comments.

Silvia clapped her hands and bounced in her new, SAFE sitting spot next to Bella. “I love you guys! I am learning so much about being an Alpha.” Everyone pretty much assumed she meant Alpha girl.

Especially Margrit, who puffed up and preened a bit more now that she was sitting at her vanity desk. “That IS why I allowed you in to our group, Silvia. After all, with Bella leaving we needed someone new to be my protégé.”

Angela looked ready to blurt something out, but a point and a glare from Julian had her clamping her mouth shut.

Bella laughed again. “Heaven help Silent Pines when you lot are running the show.”

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