Black Sun 006: Dance Class (Original Draft)

Black Sun 006: Dance Class (Original Draft)

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When Angela opened the door, there stood a woman with wide blue eyes, clearly having heard the shouted exchange even from outside. She was dressed smartly in a pair of black pants and white buttoned shirt and in her hands was a clipboard.

“IT’S YOUR SOCIAL WORKER.” Angela screamed over her shoulder, then with a wide smile she stepped back and opened the door further to allow her inside. “Long time no see, Mz. Abernathy.”

Ms. Tina Abernathy walked in, casting the ground floor rooms a curious examination. She was just barely Angela’s height even with her heels on, and appeared to be much younger than she was. The only thing that seemed to betray her age (or perhaps her stress levels) were the faint lines in her face and the way she carried herself.

“Miss Mercy. That’s an interesting ensemble you’re wearing. Did you and Julian have plans tonight?”

Angela glanced down at her clothes. She had a pair of orange and a lime green tank tops layered over each other, tight leggings and a gauzy little orange skirt just for the twirling factor. She chuckled. “I talked her in to taking a dance class with me. We have to be there in a few minutes.”

“Oh, that’s good then. There you are! Good evening, Miss Hollinger.”

Julian descended the stairs having dressed in much less flamboyant colors. A grey shirt that slipped off the shoulder but stayed snug at the waist and a plain black pair of yoga pants. She looked pleased to see Ms. Abernathy, but paused on the last step. Something was… Weird. She hadn’t really noticed it before but, it was something that had always been there. “Hi Tina! …Is something wrong?”

“Not at all. Well, actually, your therapist informs me that you’ve not been coming to sessions. As you know, this arrangement hinges on her approval. Without her sign off we’ll have to find you a foster family to stay with.”

“Crap!” Julian groaned. “I’m so sorry! I completely forget all about my appointments.”

“She has a new boyfriend.” Angela chimed in with a smirk.

“I see! That would certainly be a distraction for anyone. I’m so glad to see that you’re getting back in to your hobbies and spending time with people. I’d love to hear a little bit about your new boyfriend?” Ms. Abernathy did seem genuinely pleased, even smiling brightly as she scribbled down this update on her clipboard. “But I realize you have somewhere to be. I can give you a call soon to schedule a home inspection and you can tell me all about what’s been going on with you. It’s also very important that you make your next therapy session. Don’t forget.”

Julian nodded, ignoring the fact that Angela was still giggling and smirking about the boyfriend aspect. “I won’t forget.”

The dance studio was a fair walk away, one that Julian didn’t mind, but Angela groused about the entire way there. “We should have asked her to drop us off.” she commented for the third time as she pushed in through the studio doors.

“Angela Mercy, the children’s classes are on Thursdays.”

Angela didn’t even try to hold back her groan. Head tilted back, she let it out slooooow and loud, making sure the monster dressed in a pale pink ballet leotard heard every last syllable. “If I knew she was in this class, I would have picked a different day.”

“Of course I would be in the advanced class. It’s you that doesn’t belong here. …Julian! Eeee! You’re back!” Margrit Berkshire’s feud with Angela Mercy was immediately discarded in favor of gracefully bounding over to Julian. “I knew you couldn’t stay away forever. Leave your dog tied up outside, she’s just going to yap at us while we try to practice.”

“You little bi-”

“I could just go out for ice cream instead.” Julian stated. That was enough to shush both girls and they resigned themselves to hateful glaring, leaving Julian laughing. “I can’t believe I actually missed this.”

Margrit grabbed Julian’s wrist to drag her over to a sent of benches where she had her things tossed on one edge. “You never should have quit. You lost so much weight, you’re probably not going to make it through any of the difficult steps.”

While Margrit tried to catch Julian up on a year’s worth of dance gossip, Angela perused the room, catching the eye of one particular cutie and giving him a wink. Her mission was to get Julian there, her reward was athletic dancers. It was well worth blowing her work-money on the class fees.

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