This update is nothing more than an excuse to test out our news section, but since I know so many snoopy people are already here…

Hi. Welcome to Silent Pines. This is a series of novels by Erik and Diana. We’re just a couple of dorks who love fiction and writing. As it turns out, supernatural fiction with a dash of horror and romance is our favorite. You know, books with sharp teeth and hot butts. A few years ago we were binge watching stuff on Netflix and huff-puffing about the things we would do better… because, you know. Every nerd thinks they can do it better! Silent Pines was just something we were doing for ourselves for the sheer fun of it and we never planned for anyone else to ever read it.

Then one day they did; and, uh… YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED. There’s a website now. We have plans. There’s already two finished manuscripts in editing, several more books planned and tons, TONS of additional content.

Right now we are in the final stages of site development. People outside of our closed beta reading group are starting to find us. HI POTENTIAL READERS. We have not officially debuted, but go ahead and touch all the things. Do it. Start reading. Comment on things. Share with your friends. It’s cool, we like it.

We’re stoked about this adventure and hope everyone enjoys riding along with us as we tell the stories of Silent Pines’s very strange denizens.

<3 Diana

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